The hourly rate at fiftyfifty is € 58 if you buy 4 hours in one go.
For less then 4 hours in one go, the hourly rate is € 75.

Please find below a few examples of fiftyfifty mentoring paths. The names are fictitious.

Shivam’s mentoring path – statistics stumbling block

Final grade 7.7
Supervision 6 hours
Cost € 348

Shivam was taking longer over his Master’s course than planned. He was struggling with a statistics problem. He had forgotten most of his knowledge of analyses and the associated assumptions. The university could not offer Shivam the supervision he needed. Fiftyfifty helped Shivam to gather and analyse the data in Stata. Shivam’s knowledge is now up-to-date. He was awarded a pass grade for his thesis and avoided paying yet another year of tuition fees.

May’s mentoring path – thesis from a to z

Final grade 8.5
Supervision 14 hours
Cost € 812

May lost her self-confidence when her research proposal was rejected. fiftyfifty helped her to get a pass grade for her thesis. The problem was defined, the research question drawn up, the theoretical background explored, the choice of research method worked out and applied. This was followed by: the analyses, the report of the results and the conclusion. May then felt able to defend her thesis. She had regained her self-confidence and her enjoyment of research. After successfully completing the course, May even decided to continue with her university studies!

Bente’s mentoring path – second attempt

Final grade 7
Supervision 15 hours
Cost € 870 

Bente was given a 4 for her thesis. She was told that it lacked a common thread, and that the theoretical framework was too sketchy and did not correspond with the method. The university of applied sciences she was attending did not provide enough supervision. Bente asked fiftyfifty for help. She overcame her resistance to SPSS and was awarded a 7 at her second attempt.


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