General Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Definitions
fiftyfifty: a service provider for study supervision and related services, based and with its principal place of business in Amsterdam, registered with the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) under number 76088790.

Student: the natural person who enters into a contract with fiftyfifty.

Contract: the written agreement stipulating the activities that will be carried out.

Article 2 Applicability
These general terms and conditions apply to all contracts between fiftyfifty and the student.

Article 3 Formation of the contract
Unless otherwise agreed, the intake appointment is free of charge and obligation. The student will be sent a personal study plan based on the intake form completed by the student on the website, and the intake appointment. This study plan specifies the strategy, the price and the payment options (see Article 6, Payment options). The contract is formed when the student makes the payment and/or otherwise agrees to the terms and conditions.

Article 4 Realisation of the activities
fiftyfifty will carry out the activities to the best of its knowledge and ability. fiftyfifty is bound by a best-efforts obligation. However, fiftyfifty cannot guarantee that the services provided will generate a specific result.

If considered necessary in the interests of carrying out the activities, fiftyfifty will request the services of a competent third party.

The student is responsible for the prompt delivery of all the data and documents that fiftyfifty needs for the study supervision, including study material.

A mentor hour lasts 60 minutes. In principle, mentor hours are provided online via

If jointly agreed, the mentor hours can be used for meetings and/or providing feedback on documents that have been submitted, and/or for reading documents that have been submitted.

The student and fiftyfifty will set the dates for carrying out the activities together.

fiftyfifty will charge the student for one mentor hour for any mentor hours that the student has planned, but does not use without giving the required notice (at least 24 hours before the start of the planned mentor hour/mentor hours).

Article 5 Fee and processing time
Fiftyfifty and the student will agree an hourly rate per mentor hour when forming the contract.

All mentor hours that are agreed and paid for are valid for a maximum of two years, starting on the date of purchase. Any hours that have been purchased but not used within this two-year period will become invalid unless new mentor hours have been purchased within the same two-year period. Once new mentor hours have been purchased, all of the mentor hours will again be valid for two years.

If the student needs more hours than were originally agreed, these extra hours may be purchased at the same hourly rate as the original hours. For example: a student buys 6 hours and pays 6 x € 58. If this student buys another 2 hours at a later date, he/she will be charged 2 x € 58.

The first fiftyfifty mentor hour is considered to be a trial period. If, after this trial period, the student decides that supervision from fiftyfifty does not satisfy his/her wishes, the student may cancel the contract with immediate effect and will charged € 75 for the mentor hour that he/she has received. The student must cancel the contract by sending an e-mail to fiftyfifty, within 48 hours of the first mentor hour at the latest.

Fiftyfifty reserves the right to change its fees. fiftyfifty undertakes to announce proposed changes one month before they come into effect. In such cases, the student has the right to cancel the contract in writing within four weeks of the announcement.

Article 6 Payment options
Fiftyfifty offers two payment options. 

Payment option 1: In a single payment via Tikkie.
The total amount stated in the personal study plan is paid via Tikkie before the activities commence. 

Payment option 2: In instalments via Tikkie.
In exceptional circumstances, for example, if a student is unable to pay the total amount stated in the personal study plan in a single payment before the activities commence, fiftyfifty may allow the student to pay in instalments. The first instalment must be paid before the activities commence; the remaining instalments will be paid during the course of the activities. The instalments will be agreed jointly by fiftyfifty and the student.

Article 7 Complaints procedure
Complaints about activities that have been carried out must be sent to fiftyfifty by e-mail ( preferably immediately, but within 7 days of the complaint having developed at the latest.

If fiftyfifty considers the complaint to be justified, fiftyfifty will remedy the activity in question, unless the student can demonstrate that this would be pointless. The student must make this clear in writing. Mentor hours that have already been used will not be reimbursed, unless there have been serious shortcomings in the activities carried out by fiftyfifty.

Article 8 Applicable law and dispute resolution
Dutch law will apply to all contracts between fiftyfifty and students.

All disputes will be heard by the Court of Amsterdam. Before applying to the court, fiftyfifty and the student will try to reach a solution that is acceptable to both parties.

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