Fiftyfifty is there to support you during your degree course

What does fiftyfifty do?

If your chances of getting the degree certificate that you’ve been working towards are only fifty-fifty, you need help and you need it fast. Fiftyfifty can help if you get bogged down in the final stages of your degree course.

1. Fiftyfifty will help you to understand the course material and enable you to develop the structure you need to finish your thesis. You will be able to see things more clearly and understand things that you thought were beyond you.

2. Your confidence will grow. You will feel more in control, your approach will be more structured, you wil feel generally calmer: Most importantly, you will gradually realise that you are more than capable of completing your thesis.

3. You wil start to enjoy learning. You’ll discover that learning starts with an empty universe.
” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ”