The mentor

My name is Stephanie Immerzeel. I have worked in various academic research institutes as a communication scientist (MSc, research Master’s) and during those years, one thing became very clear to me. There is something fundamentally missing from the way that students are taught to learn.

I saw students encountering huge obstacles, all too often at the very end of their course.

“They were fluttering like butterflies in danger of drowning in a puddle on their maiden flight.”

If you come up against obstacles, such as being unable to define the research problem or getting bogged down in the analysis, it’s important to have someone who can give you a helping hand.

“I started fiftyfifty because I noticed that the mainstream institutes were unable to offer students the help and commitment they need. I became a mentor.”

I’m right there, supporting my students, when the going gets tough. I’m here to answer their questions.

“Together, you and I will look for solutions to the problems that you encounter. You are no longer on your own.”

What do I expect from you?
I need you to be willing to dig deep and make that final sprint to the finish line. I expect you to be eager to learn, inquisitive and questioning. In return, I will enable you to complete your course to a high standard, produce high-quality work and attain the highest grades that you are capable of.


Do need you help?