What can fiftyfifty offer?

What to write?

Research proposal
A good research project starts with a clear definition of the problem you intend to address. Our first step is to review all the literature that is currently available to avoid duplication. This will reveal what is missing in this research field. Once this has been established, fiftyfifty will help you to write your research proposal.

Research method
There are two different basic research methods: qualitative or quantitative. Fiftyfifty can advise you about which of these methods is most suitable and help you to apply the research method you choose.

Validity and reliability
All research must be valid and reliable. Applying your research method correctly will guarantee the validity and reliability of your conclusions. Fiftyfifty will supervise this process and ensure that you carry out every step meticulously and correctly.

Data analysis
Fiftyfifty will help you to choose and compile the right analysis for the data you collect. You will then be able to interpret the results of your analyses and report them in your thesis in the correct way. The final step is to formulate your conclusion.

How to write

Once you know what you want to write, you have to think about how you intend to write it. A research paper follows a set pattern, with every degree course setting its own conditions for that pattern. Fiftyfifty can help you to create the right structure in the text, so that you meet the criteria that apply to your degree course. Fiftyfifty will also show you how bring the sections that you write into alignment, so that you maintain a clear common thread in your thesis from start to finish.

Language: spelling and grammar
It is essential that your thesis does not contain spelling mistakes and is grammatically correct. Fiftyfifty will check the spelling and syntax of your texts and give you feedback.

Stating sources
Nobody wants to be accused of plagiarism. This is why you must be sure to state all of the sources (books, journals, websites) that you have used to answer the research question in your thesis. There is a method for referring to sources: the referencing style. Your department will tell you which referencing style they expect you to use. Fiftyfifty can help you to apply this referencing style correctly.


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